Miss Fusion Raks FCF 2017

We welcome all applicants to the Competition Miss Fusion Raks OTF on Sunday 20.3.2016!

Performance music maximum 4 min, please send it together with your application.

The competition starts at 16:00, please keep ready 30 minutes before start.

Please tell us in your application if your performance starts with on stage or off stage.

The participation fee for the Solo-Contests are 35€. Please pay against receipts at the cashpoint.Every participant receive 2 free tickets for the Closing Gala when they pay their participation fee.

The announcement of the winners finde place in the brake of the Closing Gala about 19:30. The Winner of the contest occurs in the second Showblock of the Closing Gala.

Further Prices for the Competition Miss Fusion Raks OTF 2016. Place 1-3

1st Place: Appearance in the Evening Gala of the Orientalicious  Festival from Aisa Lafour in Amsterdam in J 2016 (Travel expenses must be paid by the winner herself)

Jury: Aepril Schaile,  Eliran Edri Amar, Roxana, Ànatha Hahnemann

Also you get access to 3 free Workshops, free Festival admission and a free ticket for each of the Evening Galas of OTF 2017.

2nd Place: 2 free Workhsops, free Festival admission and a free ticket for one Evening Gala of the OTF 2017.

3rd Place: 2 free Workshops, free Festival admission on the OTF 2017.

We wish all participants every success and look forward to the performances.


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